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2 Machi 2019

Karibuni Ujumbe, 25 Februari 2019

Wanangu wapendwa! Leo ninawaalika kwa maisha mapya. Haijalishi miaka yenu ni mingapi, fumbueni mioyo yenu kwa Yesu ambaye atawabadilisha katika wakati huu wa neema nanyi, kama nyasi, mtazaliwa katika maisha mapya katika upendo wa Mungu na mtafumbua mioyo yenu kwa Mbinguni na kwa vitu vya kimbingu. Mimi nipo bado pamoja nanyi maana Mungu aliniruhusu kwa ajili yenu. Asanteni kwa kuitikia wito wangu.

Karibuni Ujumbe, 2 Machi 2019 - Tokeo la Mirjana

Wanangu wapendwa, ninawaita mitume wa upendo wangu. Ninawaonyesha Mwanangu, aliye amani ya kweli na upendo wa kweli. Kama Mama, kwa ajili ya neema ya kimungu, ninatamani kuwaongoza kwendea Yeye. Wanangu, kwa hiyo ninawaalika kujitazama ninyi wenyewe mkianzia kwa Mwanangu, kumtazama kwa moyo na kuona kwa moyo mahali mlipo na maisha yenu yanakwenda wapi. Wanangu, ninawaalika kuelewa ya kuwa mnaishi kwa ajili ya Mwanangu, kwa njia ya upendo wake na sadaka yake. Ninyi mnamwomba Mwanangu kuwa mwenye rehema nanyi, lakini mimi ninawaalika ninyi kuwa na rehema. Mnamwomba kuwa mwema nanyi na kuwasamehe, lakini tangu lini mimi ninawasihi ninyi, wanangu, kusamehe na kupenda watu wote mnaokutana nao! Mtakapoelewa kwa moyo maneno yangu, mtaelewa na kujua upendo wa kweli, na mtaweza kuwa mitume wa upendo ule, enyi mitume wangu, wanangu wapendwa. Nawashukuru.

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In the beginning Our Lady made her messages known to the visionaries on a daily basis and through them to the whole world. Commencing from the 1st of March 1984, Our Lady began to give weekly messages on Thursdays to the parish community, and through them to the rest of the world. Since some of the things that Our Lord desired were fulfilled, as Our Lady said, from the 25th of January 1987 onwards, Our Lady would give her monthly message on the 25th of each month This has continued up until the present. Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo, Ivanka Ivankovic-Elez and Jakov Colo had daily apparitions until 1982, 1985, i.e. 1998. Since then, Our Lady appears to them once a year and gives a message.

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From the beginning of Medugorje apparitions in June 1981, Medugorje (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an Ex-Yugoslavia country) became an important source of God's grace and encouragement for faith for millions of people. Medugorje Apparitions are not only grace for individuals and communities. Prayers and changed hearts of people - filled with love and peace, and humanitarian activities and projects influenced by Medugorje without doubt help make this world a better place. Maybe more, than we would expect.

For God to live in your hearts, you must love.

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